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Beck, Sheet Music Maestro. Who Would Have Guessed?

Radically talented and site favorite musician Beck is releasing his newest album, in December of this year, in an extremely innovative AND disruptive format, or so it would seem: AS SHEET MUSIC.

That's right. Sheet Music Maestro is humbly in awe of Beck's effort to vitalize this format, and feels the need to confer on Beck this site's most revered mantle, which obviously would be Sheet Music Maestro.

Early American Songs You Know by Heart

Cover for the Twinkling Star

While many of the pieces in this sheet music collection are unfamiliar, a number of these tunes are still getting lots of play today - though most have evolved, to some degree, from the 19th century version of the work.

These are the songs that are most familiar to the author, and probably to you, too, in a couple of broad categories:

Celebrate Independence Day with an Early American Patriotic Tune

Sailor and some kind of infantryman standing before a huge American Flag

Want to really impress your family and friends this Fourth of July? Of course you do. Have you considered learning a very authentic early American patriotic song?

Welcome to Sheet Music Maestro

Introducing a newly-digitally available collection of original sheet music from Early America - which includes:

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